Fit Inc Studio Gym | Livingston | West Lothian
Fit Inc Studio Gym | Livingston | West Lothian
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Our highly qualified and expert team can train you at home, workplace, outside or at our facility. Our mobile team cover Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Lothian's, Central and Fife areas.


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  • Brian Fernie
    Brian Fernie

    Brian has over twenty years' experience in the fitness industry, his twelve years military service and ten years emergency services has seen him serve all over the world. He has trained everyone from busy mums to professional athletes and fighters and is Scotland's leading authority on combat sports strength and conditioning. His background stems from martial arts and triathlon's and was previously ranked top fifteen in Scotland. He has been a personal trainer in London, Edinburgh and Hong Kong and worked as an operations manager for British Military Fitness. He is area commander for LM- BMMA and chief instructor for Edinburgh.

    MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach (MMA CSCC)

    Extreme Kettlebell Instructor (EKI)

    Master Personal Trainer (CMPT)

    Advanced Personal Trainer

    Master MMA Conditioning Coach

    Olympic Weight Lifting Instructor (OWLI)

    Personal Trainer (Dip PT)

    BMMA Kickboxing Instructor

    CQP Instructor (level 4)

    Triathlon Coach (level 2)

    Swim Instructor

    Fellow of Institute of Swimming (FIOS)

    Advanced Boxercise Instructor

    Army Physical Training Instructor

    Sports Conditioning coach

    Rehabilitation Trainer

    Nutrition and Wellness Consultant

    Specialities- Strength and Conditioning, Olympic lifting, Rehabilitation Training, Outdoor fitness

  • David Low
    David Low

    Has a wealth of experience and his technical ability will ensure that you have the correct tools to progress your training. His own sports include kickboxing and football and also forms part of the T.O.D Combat coaching staff.

    Personal Trainer (Dip PT)

    UKCC Level 1 weightlifting

    Kettlebell Instructor

    Kickboxing Instructor

    HND Fitness and health

    Thump Boxing Instructor

    Studio Cycling Instructor

    Studio Toning Instructor

    Studio Dance Instructor

    Specialties – combat sports conditioning, weightlifting

  • Juliana Dorman
    Juliana Dorman

    With her background in dietetics, nutrition and health promotion, Juliana's firm, methodical fun approach and experience will ensure you are in no doubt about how your body should work.

    Personal Trainer (Dip PT)

    Certified Body Pump Instructor

    Certified Kettlebells Instructor

    CX works instructor

    Studio Cycling Instructor

    Nutrition Coach

    GP Exercise Referral Specialist

    Studio Dance Instructor

    Jog Scotland Leader

    Specialties - body toning, GP Referral

  • Ann Ritchie
    Ann Ritchie

    Is Scotland's first female MMA conditioning coach and forms part of the T.O.D Combat coaching staff, her training style approach will ensure your body is pushed to the max.

    MMA Conditioning Coach (MMA CC)

    Personal Trainer (Dip PT)

    Extreme Kettlebell Instructor (EKI)

    Certified Circuit Trainer

    Anatomy and Physiology (Dip SIC)

    Diploma Sports Therapy

    MMA Fit Instructor

    Specialties- combat sports conditioning, circuit training

  • Danny Caines
    Josh Reynolds

    Danny brings his knowledge of military fitness and Indian clubs to your training which ensures you are learning as well as training. His approach is simple only use what works, bin the rest.

    RN Physical training Instructor

    BMF fitness instructor

    Level 2 gym instructor

    Certified kettlebell Instructor

    Certified Insanity Instructor


    Specialises in bodyweight and group training


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