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Fit Inc Studio Gym | Livingston | West Lothian
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  • Sports Conditioning Programme
    Pumpherstoun United Football Club (2000's) (condensed version)


    One of the biggest impacts was learning how we can get through physically and mentally demanding moments with a bit of support from team mates, and a lot of inner belief. We spoke about what different techniques individuals had used to help them get past the most tiring parts of the session, how we beat that 'inner voice' that we all have that sometimes wants us to give up - how pushing through that thought provides a much more rewarding moment. Some players said they ignored the thought by concentrating on what they (specifically) had to do. Others said they were encouraged by either their team mate's efforts or their team mate's support - especially when the last man doesn't get left behind ;)


    Brian's session has helped foster a growth mind set within our boys when it comes to our capabilities. We also discovered how quickly we can actually recover after giving such a big effort. The Pumpherston coaches and Brian himself were very impressed with the lads, seriously impressed!


    Huge thanks to Keith for putting us in touch and of course to Brian at TOD Combat for an amazing night.


    As one of our players put it … "It was insane"!


    Leon Gray goalkeeper Carmondean Rovers FC


    We have used T.O.D Coaching regularly for our pre season and in season training, the guys hate it but love it and every time they see Brian appear their heads go down as they know the pain is about to start!


    Every session has been different and pushed the team out their comfort zone, even the sessions Brian helps us plan when he is not available are challenging but fun and he has made us more aware of training the body as a unit rather than just ball skills. Highly recommended.
  • Athlete Performance Programme
    Keri Beagley


    Testimonial from Keri re her experience with our remedial training specialist


    "I began my search for help for my 13 year old son reece after he was diagnosed with crumbling knee joints, a result of a viral blood disorder miss diagnosed and un treated for 3 years . I consulted more than 5 different specialists before I met Brian from Tod coaching.. He was the first to not only offer reece emotional support, but also administer a wide range of physio programmes as well as fun training which he varied according to his symptoms.


    Reece progress within a matter of weeks was unbelievable, his balance corrected his strength resumed and confidence at an all time high !!


    I would recommend Tod coaching to anyone in need of a highly skilled, knowledgeable and caring Pt or physio trainer.


    Stephen Bell (semi pro rugby league)


    I have worked with Brian for a number of years, he is the one person I go to for my S&C or advice re my training, he takes into account factors that I don't even consider and ensures that my programme is adaptable and flexible owing to my work and rugby commitments. His enthusiasm and knowledge are brilliant and he doesn't worry about science if it works we do it if it doesn't we don't and that's what I like about his approach to my programme.


    Sarah Robertson (ultra endurance athlete)


    Running a marathon was an ultimate goal. It scared the hell out of me but I wanted to try it just once. Sure, I could have downloaded a training programme from the internet but I knew I needed a bit more of a 'push' – and I had a few wee injury niggles to resolve. I needed some help with this challenge.


    Having trained previously as part of a group instructed by Brian, I knew he had the mix of knowledge and motivational skills that would get me through. And he did. There was only one 'problem'. He made this and other challenges seem achievable. It seemed logical after a few marathons to look to other challenges and I wondered how far I could go, could I complete an ultra marathon? After my first 53 mile race, we found out – yes, I could.


    My goals change and evolve because I gain physical strength and mental confidence from training with Brian. We have now completed two competitive years and I have had no injuries to hamper my training. Yes, training can be hard work sometimes but he also makes it fun too and the results are worth it.


    Brian makes me realise I can achieve more than I ever thought I could.
  • Combat Sports
    Testimonial 1 - Fauldhosue ABC


    Special thanks to David from TOD Combat & Conditioning for another awesome session, anyone involved in combat sports must try this company out, we have trained for years in our own way and to involve new ideas is a real eye opener, these people know what they're talking about and a friendly bunch as well, TOD Combat & Conditioning, Livingston, give them a call, you won't regret it, ask any Fauldhouse ABC boxer.


    Testimonial 2 - Craig Hill KSW Dunfermline


    Thanks to Brian & his team for supporting Kuk Sool Won Dunfermline this year! Best strength & conditioning coaches around - Your knowledge & motivation is second to none! Look forward to training with you guys in the future!!


    Testimonial 3 - Colin McNeil (professional boxer)


    I Would just like to say I was very impressed with Ann ritchie in the way she conducts her training classes. Wasn't intimidated by any boxers with big ego's and she wasn't shy in putting them in their place. She was good at keeping everyone motivated and we found her very good to work with.


    Testimonial 4 - Bolt MMA fighter management


    If you're looking for the best place in Edinburgh to improve your strength and conditioning check out T.O.D Combat!! A great set of guys who are guaranteed to push you to your limits and get the BEST out of you.


    B-Mma Fighter Management's Nathan The Mayhem Wilson does his S+C there and his cardio and strength has never been so good!


    Testimonial 5 Nathan The Mayhem Wilson (pro mma fighter)


    I can't tell you enough how much my fitness, strength and power have increased since working with Brian and his team at T.O.D Combat, the sessions are always different and push me in every aspect. Back at headhunters I am easily throwing guys around who outweigh and should out power me easily. Since training with T.O.D Combat I have come to understand the need for better strength and conditioning in my fight plan and cant endorse this team enough. If your serious about it get in touch with them.
  • Workshop / Courses
    Kevin McCulloch


    Personal Trainer Abu Dhabi


    I have worked in the fitness industry since 2002 and Brian is the best coach I've ever worked with. He is very knowledgeable in Strength and conditioning, military fitness, martial arts conditioning, triathlon and decathlon training.


    He is a great teacher. Everything I learnt on the BMF instructor training days I put into practice and made me a much better instructor.


    He has also written some very good books and articles on health and fitness


    Colin Faichney


    Park Manager BMF


    I worked with Brian at British Military Fitness. His knowledge of the fitness industry is first class and his work ethic is second to none. Everything he teaches is specific to your needs and goals and he will also work you till you achieve them!! I have learnt a lot from Brian and will continue to ask for assistance when required. Highly recommended!



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