Fit Inc Studio Gym | Livingston | West Lothian
Fit Inc Studio Gym | Livingston | West Lothian
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The greatest training environment in the world-MOTHER NATURE. Our outdoor fitness schedule is varied and appeals to all levels whether you're a keen runner, fitness enthusiast or just want to get fit and have fun.


  • Street Gym

    Scotland's experts in outdoor fitness bring you our unique system developed by our ex forces physical training instructors and delivered by both them and our civilian instructors; who will take you through a 45minute group fitness session; catering for all abilities they will make it Fun, Challenging, Rewarding and Achievable.

    Our classes on average burn 600 calories per session, Street Gym will aid you in

    • Weight loss
    • Improved athleticism
    • Increased cardio output
    • Improved strength and power
    • Lower body fat
    • Hone and tone your body

    The first class is FREE.

    Join us in Livingston, West Lothian:

    @Kirkton Campus

    Monday 1800-1845

    Friday 0730-0800

    Saturday Run Club 1030hrs



    Street Gym £4 PAYG / Run Club £2 PAYG

  • Business Street Gym

    Looking for a challenge or fun ideas for your school, staff, work mates, work force then speak to us.

    Our former and serving Military instructors’ can design, tailor or build a package unique to your specific needs. Topics covered vary dependent on individual requirements some areas we cover are

    • Potted sports
    • Leadership tasks
    • Team building
    • Observational recall
    • Problem solving

    Our instructors have a proven record of working under extreme pressure and demands in theatre, formal and adhoc situations, and they will pass that experience and knowledge to you.

    Full debrief given to all staff or individuals upon demand.

    Prices given on request after consultation.

  • Run/Jog club

    “Progression through Education”

    Our run/jog club is Jog Scotland accredited and we have two jog Scotland trainers and a run coach to help you progress and educate you with regards to your running aims and goals. Sessions last 1 hour and are also open to non- members at £2 per session. Our approach to running is to educate you and arm you properly with the right tools and information in order to progress you safely for any distance you wish to cover and all whilst having fun. Our runners regularly attend events from fun runs to adventure races, its entirely up to you if you wish to compete or not.

    The run club is held on a:

    Wednesday 7-8pm

    Saturday 1030-1130


    • Paarlauf
    • Fartleck
    • SAQ
    • Tempo
    • Grids
    • Retro
    • Sprint
    • Speed
    • Technique
    • Gait
    • Alignment
  • Some benefits of outdoor training include:
    Outdoor Fitness Benefit 1 – Get outside

    Outside or outdoors depends on how you say it, is a fantastic way to train, just for the fresh air alone it’s worth it, not discounting the weather, the scenery, the smells (good and bad) and you can do it any time of day or night.
    Research suggests that most of us spend 90% of our time indoors which is a pretty alarming. The human body and mind was never designed to spend 90% of its time secluded from the outdoor world.

    Outdoor Fitness Benefit 2 - Higher Levels of Post Exercise Endorphins

    Research papers suggest that people who train outdoors may experience higher levels of post exercise endorphins. Endorphins are endogenous opioid compounds that are produced in the pituitary gland and hypothalamus during exercise. They act as natural pain-relievers and produce a feeling of wellbeing. The name endorphin derives from the words 'endogenous' and 'morphine' i.e a morphine like substance originating from within the body.

    Outdoor Fitness Benefit 3 - Invigorating

    Fresh air is refreshing and invigorating. This is due in large to the rich negative ion content of fresh air. Negative ions have been linked to an improved sense of wellbeing, increased alertness, decreased anxiety and a lower resting heart rate. Hence the surge in ion bracelets!

    Outdoor Fitness Benefit 4 - Boosts Serotonin Levels

    Exposure to sunlight helps boost serotonin levels. Serotonin helps you feel calm, alert and capable.

    Outdoor Fitness Benefit 5 - Increase in Vitamin D Levels

    Sunlight helps supply the body with Vitamin D, a 'superstar' nutrient which helps promote the absorption of calcium, provides strength to bones, reduces systemic inflammation and boosts the immune system. Sadly many of us, particularly in cooler climates fail to get enough sunlight and thus synthesize enough of this great vitamin.

    Outdoor Fitness Benefit 6 - Exercise Variety

    Outdoor training allows you to perform exercise routines which are simply not possible in most gyms. Examples would include sprint training, multi-directional running and throwing.

    Outdoor Fitness Benefit 7 - Get a Tan

    In Scotland this might be wishful thinking but hey we can live in hope!


Open 7 Days a week

Monday - Friday:

6:30am - 10:00pm


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Open 7 days a week


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